Storytime, anytime

Lolly makes it simple to capture, share and preserve favorite family stories and your readings of children's books for playback anytime, anywhere.

With Lolly, you will help the next generation improve reading skills, build confidence and most importantly - have fun! Stories recorded with Lolly can be played back with leading smart speakers including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomePod.


What Makes Lolly Different

We’re all in to make storytime easy, accessible and timeless for families.  We help you take your existing phone, tablet or computer and allow near instant playback anytime, anywhere.

Designed for Kids

Lolly's playback is designed so kids can simply start, select and listen to their favorite recordings of stories or books.

Support Learning

Research states that audio enhances literacy, improves comprehension and leads to enjoyment of reading. Lolly makes all that simple and easy and focused on the familiary family voices.

Family Focused

Lolly is super simple to invite other trusted adults to record stories for children. A family that reads together learns together.

Instant Notifications

Know when the stories are played and how often. We help you know when your stories are played.

Listen & Record Anywhere

You can record your favorite family story or book from what you already own. You can record on your computer, phone or tablet.

Keep Forever

Lolly keeps your unique recording as long as you have an active subscription. Family members can enjoy the recording today, tomorrow or anytime in the future.

Unlimited Storytime: Less Than You Think

For less than Netflix, Audible or a single fast food meal you can unlock storytime for your immediate family.  What will you record first?

Have Questions? Look Here.

We’ve been working with families to capture, story and playback stories, so we’ve learned a bit and want to share it with you.  Don’t see your question here, just send us a message!

Yes, everyone can Read with Lolly!  Our Forever Free tier allows all families to record their favorite stories and playback on any device and leading smart speakers.

Lolly will store all of your recordings safe, secure and available for as long as your have a paid plan.  Your subscription plan pays for immediate access of your recordings and multiple backups.

Lolly’s Free Forever plan will keep your stories playable for up to 60 days after recording.  Recordings after 60 days will not be playable and are subject for removal because of the cost of storage. 

Lolly makes it simple to use your existing phone or desktop to record.  

Lolly on iPhone works with Safari (sorry, not Chrome) and Chrome on Android.  No apps needed!

Lolly can also record on your desktop with Safari or Chrome.

For playback, Lolly currently supports Amazon Alexa devices and the Amazon Alexa app for iPhone and Android.

Yes we will work to build an app that will allow additional functionality and recording capabilities.  We will release this to both Apple and Android devices.  

You can still enjoy recordings made with Lolly by using the free Amazon Alexa app or an Alexa enabled smart speaker like an Echo, Dot, Show or many others available through your favorite electronic retailer.


Lolly makes it simple to capture, share and preserve favorite family stories and your readings of children's books for playback anytime, anywhere.

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